The AT&T Long Lines Distance Dialing Reference Guide

The following are scanned PDF sections of the 1974 edition of the AT&T Long Lines Distance Dialing Reference Guide (DDRG). Like the Traffic Routing Guide, if you cared about this stuff, you'll know what it is ... and if you don't know what it is, it's safe to say you probably don't care about it! :-)

As with the Traffic Routing Guide these documents came to me through several hands but originated from a former phone phreak on the east coast who did the hard work of scanning them in. I took the liberty of rearranging some out-of-order pages, adding PDF bookmarks, and OCRing the documents to make them searchable. Some pages are missing and these are marked with placeholder pages.

A suggestion: right-click on and download any files you're interested in instead of left-clicking on them and opening them up interactively in Adobe viewer. Not only will this result in a more reliable download for you, it will put less load on our web server.

Section 3 (Business Office Addresses, aka "Yellow Pages") and Section 4 (Revenue Accounting Office Addresses and Toll Library Directory, aka "Blue Pages") are missing in their entirety.

You can also download the whole enchilada as one big 41 Mbyte ZIP file.