The AT&T Long Lines Traffic Routing Guide

The following are scanned PDF sections of the 1975 and 1977 editions of the AT&T Long Lines Traffic Routing Guide. If you were a phone phreak in the 1970s who cared about how telephone calls were routed ... well, let's just say you'd consider killing for this sort of information. And if you weren't a phone phreak or telephone engineer back then, well, let's just say that the following 60 megabytes of scanned documents probably won't be that interesting to you. :-)

These documents came to me through several hands but originated from a former phone phreak on the east coast who did the hard work of scanning them in. I took the liberty of rearranging some out-of-order pages, adding PDF bookmarks, and OCRing the documents to make them searchable. Some of Section 10 in the 1975 Guide is out of order as I didn't have time to sort it. (Volunteers?)

The 1977 edition shown here contains mostly pages that changed from the 1975 edition. Pages unchanged from the 1975 edition may or may not be present in our 1977 edition. You may need to download both versions if your goal is to have as complete a copy as possible.

Alert readers will note that that Sections 4 and 8 are missing in both documents. Oddly enough, it appears that these sections never existed in the real docs! That is, they're not mentioned in the tables of contents (see Section 1 below). If anyone knows the history on this I'd be interested to hear it.