Extra Goodies

Below are goodies that could not be included in the book due to space constraints. Enjoy.

Extra Goodies — Rate Hikes

Ok, I admit, this has got to be the most boring "extra" ever -- it's simply the references for all the Bell System rate hike requests mentioned in Chapter 13, Counterculture:

AT&T Rate Increase Requests

George Gent, "AT&T Will Ask TV Rate Increase," New York Times, January 30, 1968, p. 82

"AT&T to Seek 6% Average Rise in Toll Call Rates," Wall St. Journal, November 18, 1970.

Operating Company Rate Increase Requests

Southern New England Telephone in 1961: "Strong Opposition Voiced to Telephone Rate Hikes," Hartford Courant, October 24, 1961, p. 1A.

Southern Bell in 1961: "Rate Hike Approved for Southern Bell," Daytona Beach Morning Journal, November 30, 1961, p. 1.

Pacific Northwest Bell in 1963: "Views Given on Rate Increase," Lewiston Morning Tribune, December 13, 1963, p. 10.

Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone in 1964: "Phone Rate Rise Argued," The Sun, August 13, 1964, p. 13.

Pacific Telephone in 1966 and 1967: "Pacific Tel Drops Bid To PUC For Rate Hike," Los Angeles Times, April 30, 1966, p. A8; "Pacific Phone Seeks Huge Rate Increase," Modesto Bee, February 10, 1967, p. 1.

Southern Bell in 1968: "Phone Rate Increase," St. Petersburg Independent, November 29, 1968, p. 2-A.

Pacific Northwest Bell in 1968: "Phone Rate Hike Is Asked By Bell," Spokane Daily Chronicle, December 4, 1968, p. 1.

New York Telephone in 1969: "Rate Rise of $175-Million Asked By Phone Company," New York Times, March 21, 1969.

Southern New England Telephone in 1969: "SNET Management Stresses Need for a Phone Rate Hike," Hartford Courant, April 2, 1969, p. 38.

There. Wasn't that exciting?